In this modern age the way you collect can take many forms: group breaking, buying singles, grinding retail, ripping and flipping, grading, super collecting your favorite teams and players. No matter how you collect, you place a premium on your cards. Fire Box was designed to enhance that premium. With its matte black finish, precision cut foam inserts, locking closures, and detachable shoulder straps Fire Box will be the only case worthy of your collection.

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No two collections are the same.  Fire Box offers six unique cases so you can choose the option that best fits your collecting style!  Whether you want the most graded capacity, versatility to hold graded and raw cards seamlessly, the advanced protection of Fire Box Pro, or truly hands-free, laser-focused buying, selling and trading on-the-go Fire Box has a solution for you! 

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Autographs, refractors, game-used relics, rainbows, prospects, prizms, slabs, superfractors, hits, short prints, graded, gem, pristine, black label...there is plenty of fire to pull in today's sports card hobby. But the hobby isn't in the "Junk Era" anymore, so why are you still storing and transporting your collection in boxes made of junk? Whether you're setting up at a card show, haggling with dealers, or attending trade night at your local card shop, put all the hot pulls from your collection in a Fire Box and Bring the Heat with you wherever you go!

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Why choose fire box?

  • Secure

    The original Fire Box lineup keeps your collection safe with a built in locking closure, while Fire Box Pro models are padlock ready for the ultimate in security!

  • Portable Protection

    Fire Box Pro features the advanced protections demanded by dedicated collectors: waterproof, dust proof, crush resistant, fire resistant, chemical and UV resistant.  These technologies are paired with the architecture of our premium EVA foam inserts to create industry leading protection and capacity for your valuable collection.

    Our original cases are constructed of dense fiberboard and lightweight aluminum with EVA and Polyurethane foam. Fire Box provides unmatched impact protection and shock absorption. When fully loaded with slabs a Fire Box can weigh over 15 pounds.  Because of their detachable shoulder straps, you won't be weighed down and can Bring the Heat anywhere you choose!

  • Capacity Meets Versatility

    Fire Box Raw, Fire Box Raw Pro and the Slab Pack have unlocked the potential of modular channels.  The EVA foam has been precision cut to hold graded cards on their long edge and raw cards upright.  The result is a slim profile case that is ready to adapt to your ever-changing collection. 


I collect Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Dragon Ball Z Cards. Will this case work for me?

Yes! Fire Box already has a following in the gaming community. We have models that hold your graded cards as well as top loaders, magnetic cases, semi-rigid cases and deck boxes. Deck boxes up to 14cm tall x 8.5cm wide will fit in the channel naturally, but larger deck boxes can be accommodated by turning the deck box parallel to the channel or laying the deck box on its edge. Message us with the dimensions of your deck box and we’ll be happy to help you determine if it will fit!

Are the cases fireproof?

Fire Box Pro is fire resistant for temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Original Fire Box is designed to keep your “fire” in, not real fire out.

A fire "proof" case of this size would be extremely heavy. The emphasis of Fire Box is on impact protection, shock absorption, capacity, and portability.

Are the cases waterproof?

YES! Fire Box Pro is IP67 rated and can be submerged in water for at least half an hour.

On our original Fire Boxes the EVA foam bottom is waterproof, but the seal of the lid and seams are not.

What other cases do you sell?

New products are always in development! Details on other products will be released as they become available!

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