Perfectly Suited Sleeves for CSG®

Regular price $4.00

*IMPORTANT: These were sized for original CSG green label holders.  The new label slabs are very slightly larger than the originals.  As a result, these sleeves are more tight than intended.  We have tested many packs and have yet to find any that were unusable, but it is possible.  As a result Perfectly Suited Sleeves for CSG® will be temporarily priced at $4 per pack instead of $6.*


With a blackout frame and precision-measured viewing windows exposing the card and label, the Perfectly Suited Sleeve's patent-pending design draws all the attention to the most important and valuable cards in your collection.

  • 50 Sleeves Per Pack
  • Meticulously Designed to Fit Standard CSG® Graded Holders
  • Tailored Fit Ensures no Sloppy Overhanging Plastic
  • Resealable Adhesive Strips
  • Premium Thickness
  • Chemically Inert OPP Material is PVC Free


*Pictured cards not included