Wax Walls

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Sealed wax is often the most valuable element of a collection.  Ironically, it is the one item we don't protect.  It is a difficult task because sealed boxes come in a vast array of shapes and sizes.  Introducing Perfectly Suited Wax Walls, the protection solution that will soon become as synonymous with sealed wax as top loaders are with singles!

  • Initially Offering Four Configurations to Accommodate Many Popular Box Sizes with More Coming Soon!
  • 10 Chemically Inert PET Polyester Polymer Protectors Per Pack
  • Wax Walls Were Designed with Certain Products in Mind, But Many Other Boxes with Similar Dimensions Will Also Work!  (See Product Photos for Examples)
  • Protects the Plastic Seal of Boxes from All-Too-Common and Costly Accidental Rips
  • Greatly Reinforces the Edges and Corners of Sealed Wax
  • Redistributes the Weight of Stacked Wax to the Reinforced Edges Reducing Pressure on the Cards
  • An Inexpensive Protection Solution for Shipping Your Sealed Wax