Perfectly Suited Sleeves for CGC® and CBCS® Comics

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At Fire Box we understand the need to protect your slabs from everyday scratches and scuffs, but we think oversize polybags spoil the clean lines and colors of our graded comics.  Introducing Perfectly Suited Sleeves for CGC® comic slabs!  The NEW standard for protecting crystal clear CGC® plastic while maintaining clean lines around the architecture of the slab.  And don't worry...our patent pending black frame design will be arriving soon!

  • 25 Sleeves Per Pack
  • Meticulously designed to fit standard CGC® and CBCS® Graded Holders
  • Tailored Fit Ensures No Sloppy Overhanging Plastic
  • Resealable Adhesive Strips
  • Tapered Flap Eliminates Lifted Edges That Attract Dirt and Debris
  • Chemically Inert OPP Material is PVC Free
  • *NOTE* The Product is Large and Will Be Gently Folded for Shipping