Perfectly Suited Sleeves for PSA®

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*IMPORTANT: New shipment of sleeves is here!  However the normal margin of error in the process of mass producing our sleeves has resulted in 7-12 sleeves per pack to be too tight for the PSA slab.  This small error only affects the PSA Black configuration.  Because each pack will not be delivering the normal 50 sleeve value, Perfectly Suited Sleeves for PSA Black will temporarily be $4 per pack instead of $6.*


With a blackout, color matching red, or blue frame and precision-measured viewing windows exposing the card and label, the Perfectly Suited Sleeve's patent-pending design draws all the attention to the most important and valuable cards in your collection.

  • 50 Sleeves Per Pack
  • Meticulously Designed to Fit Standard PSA® Graded Holders
  • Tailored Fit Ensures no Sloppy Overhanging Plastic
  • Resealable Adhesive Strips
  • Premium Thickness
  • Chemically Inert OPP Material is PVC Free


*Pictured cards not included

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